Prosper Community


ABOUT Prosper is a community of digital workers collaborating to help refugees prosper in Europe. Prosper emerged out of one designer's response to the human suffering of the refugee crisis in Europe. Since launching in October 2015, a global community of skilled digital workers has centralized around a single mission: To transform the refugee crisis into an opportunity to foster an integrated society where every person is cherished and prosperity abounds. PROJECTS Projects are the focal point of our community. Each project is a combination of human-centered design and open source technology. Each project must fulfill several requirements before being taken on by our team: - Solve a real human problem of the refugee crisis - Be sustainable, scalable and significant - Solutions must be measurable After a six week research sprint, we decided to embark on our first project. We've defined the problem that we're trying to solve as follows: Initiatives addressing the refugee crisis are scattered all across the web. This makes it difficult for refugees, volunteers, and donors to find exactly what they are looking for and leads to duplication of efforts. is our journey to solve this problem. PROSPER ACADEMY Prosper Academy is an online apprenticeship for designers and developers to grow their skills through contributing to refugee crisis projects. After launching Prosper, we learned that there's a global community of designers and developers that have enough skills to contribute to a project but lack the experience to launch a meaningful career. Some of the members of this community are citizens, and some are refugees. Prosper Academy is our response to this community's needs.